Fossil Fighters – Champions

I’m a colossal fan of the Fossil Fighters franchise, having played the two games that were out before this one extensively. So, when I heard about this game, I was hyped. Another installment of one of my favorite series as a kid? Awesome! Besides, after the first two nailed the Fossil Fighters feeling right on the head, this one should be just as good if not better! Well, I don’t know what happened, but whoever led the design on this thing likely brought extinction to the series with this one game.

Fossil Fighters Frontier does get the basics down for a Fossil Fighters game, I’ll give it that. You go around the world of the game, dig up fossils, excavte them from their rocks, and battle other fighters with your vivosaurs. However, they manage to screw up about every other aspect.
Exploring the world is boring. The landscapes are lackluster, and you no longer explore as a human. Apparently we got lazy and decided that giving kids cars to dig into walls was a good idea, so now you spend a majority of your time in the overworld as an ugly looking truck. It takes away the feeling you got in the previous games where you felt more connected with your character.
As for the story, I’m going to be real and admit fossil fighters plot line has always been just decent. Granted, fossil fighters champions story was a bit better than its predecessor, but I digress. Fossil Fighters frontiers story is boring and isn’t worth discussing. Just trust me, it’d put you to sleep.
The characters in this are similar to those of pokemon X and Y. You’ve got the fat boy, the ‘rival’(?), and ‘everyone else.’ When i say everyone else, I’m saying that every other character is basically as bland as can be. They’re not memorable like the BB Brigade or Joe Wildwest, and everyone holds your hand.
The dinosaurs are… alright, I guess. Art direction took yet another turn, but unlike the previous game where the turn was into a mysterious jungle with interesting discoveries to be made, this turn was into a volcano on the verge of exploding. While some designs are alright, many of the original designs were remodeled to fit the one skin they have for T-Rex like dinos and so on and so forth.

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