Another Code – Two Memories

Another Code – Two Memories

This is the first game before Another Code: R which is just as enjoyable as this game.

In this game, a girl named Ashley Mizuki Robins goes to Blood Edward Island with her Aunt Jessica after recieving an invitation from her father, Richard Robins, who she had believed to be dead for eleven years.
When she gets the the island, her Aunt goes missing and Ashley goes off to search for her. Then her adventure begins.
During her adventure, she meets a friendly ghost named D. who has forgotten everything about his past life before he died. Ashley and D. become friends and they help eachother find their lost memories.

It is important to examine every possible thing in this game as some parts are extremely important. Other parts may need to be examined more than once. If you get stuck, read between the lines and you are sure to find the answer. There are cheats available on the internet if you get stuck, but other than that this game is fun and a great play for those who like discovering things and mysteries.

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